Pico Day Epilogue

2013-04-29 19:40:52 by ItsTheAshtray

Hey there!

I made it back from Philly safe and sound after the Pico Day Party. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life! After the drive I took a 14 hour nap, and here I am to post about the things I learned from and about everyone I met.

Booty Juice Refrigerator - Your knob has been rubbed by so many people of each sex that you probably don't know if you like girl fridges or boy fridges anymore.

The-Swain - Tall, charismatic, and handsome.

Opera Girl - Drunk. You made me hold your cheeseburger. I licked it while you weren't looking.

Bald Truck driver with an epic pubic beard and Berserker "brand of sacrifice" tattoo - great talk. Thanks for teaching me proper pipe cleaning technique and ALL THE SECRETS of the truck driving world.

Krinkels - So cool meeting you. Very happy that I almost got to see you counter a kick to the face.
500 Homicides a year in Chicago == Krinkels wants a new gun (jkjkjk)

Mike - I don't even know where to begin. First, best of luck building the best collection of game engines ever jkjkjk. Seriously, I must have interrupted your answers to my questions about 173720 times with more questions about everything programming and you patiently and awesomely answered everything. I also called you Rob six times and you didn't get mad.

Evil-Dog - It was awesome to meet you. Thanks for the long talk and the great tips for a new programmer. It was cool to meet you, but that could be said about any Canadian ('cause it's cold...GET IT?)

Ryan/Travis/Zachary? - I'm a dumb boy and I can't remember which of you are from Illinois and which is from Ohio, but thanks for the great greeting and fun talks. Good luck with your Dick history. Good luck with your Luis toon. (OH TRAVIS IS FROM OHIO!)

Tyler - You've knocked out 5 or 6 people with a kick to the face. Jkjk. Awesome meeting you man. I'm totally on-board with your Freddy Krueger-esque god.

Zeebarf - Totally nice and fun guy and I'm donating to your kickstarter.

EntropicOrder - Great talk and it was really cool to meet the creator of ROOFTOP SKATER. Thanks for enduring all of my newbie programming questions and teaching me about the different disciplines of parkour.

Luis - Thanks for the great greeting! I wish I would have talked to you more but I was scared that you were mad at me for wandering away while you were trying to lead me to thy nipple of beer and then you had to come back to get me and SHIT YOU'RE TALLER THAN ME. Fuck

Mindchamber - Really glad I got to meet you and I forgot to mention how much I love Robocop.

Guy who was drawing very seriously while sitting on the couch for 7 hours - you're an awesome artist and also probably the most intimidating person I've ever seen. Not only did I not approach you, I didn't even ask anyone else who you were.

Paul Ritchey (I think?) - One of the guy's from the 'Continue?' YouTube series. Super passionate dude who truly loves his fans. Another inspiring conversation.

Last but not least,
Tom - Thanks for inviting me! I wish I had the nerve to talk to you before the very end of the night while everyone was leaving. You were super nice and thanks again for everything.

I didn't get to meet a lot of people, and that's probably a good thing. My head might have exploded.

Note to everyone: I can't believe how much I swear compared to everybody else. Sorry if that made anybody uncomfortable. Also, I couldn't stop smoking, so sorry for blowing smoke in your faces.

Finally, getting to see the staff and NG members in person was such an inspiration. Newgrounds has always had (and still does have) and air of honesty about it. Just getting a sneak peek behind the curtain has made me realize how much this site has meant to me over the years. I love it. This place can be anything you want: a stomping ground for trolls, a hub for gaming, a depository for all your artistic shit, the mirror in a gym to flex your ego, a platform to launch your career, a place to meet friends, or just that silly site where you could throw spears at a pop singer's tits. THANKS NG! <3


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2013-04-29 20:26:13

The dood drawing on the couch for hours was sherbalex.

Also, paul from continue was there?

ItsTheAshtray responds:

haha Thanks! I hadn't heard of Continue before I met him and it just turned into a really interesting conversation. He's a good guy.


2013-04-30 18:44:26

It was great talking to you. At that point in the night I wasn't sure I had much socializing energy left in me but you snapped me back into the groove. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with as your programming skills improve. I didn't mind answering your questions at all. Thanks for supporting our Kickstarter for A Small Favor too!

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Thanks! Haha yeah you looked pretty tired at first, but I'm glad we got into a conversation. I'm donating tomorrow, so I will accept your thanks then. Thanks for all the programming tips! I'm diving into mySQL tomorrow.


2013-04-30 18:46:48

Also, I'm from Ohio. I didn't realize anyone else was from there too. Who's Travis?

(Updated ) ItsTheAshtray responds:

Travis's username is Travis! He's done some animations, games, and a few tutorials. OH AND I REMEMBER PARADOX EMBRACE NOW! I played it when it first came out.


2013-05-02 09:44:59

Sounds like a fun time! Pictures?

ItsTheAshtray responds:

It was! Unfortunately, no pictures. There was too much happening for me to stop and take a photo. I wish I did, though.